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Your Ads on Google Shopping

You can make more profit with updated content and optimal cpc bids. Replace your Merchant feed for the new Merchant API to have more up-to-date content and increased visibility. Automated cpc bidding will result in spectacular profit increase.

Bid Management

Bidding strategies in AdWords are making your life easy. But AdWords doesn’t have all the information required  to determine the optimal cpc bid. That’s what makes bidding strategies in Google useless. For optimal biddings you need to know exactly what each ad returns in margin, even if multiple ads and other “touch-points” contribute to an order. AdCurve sets your optimum bid automatically.  That’s easy and above all profitable.

Content API for Shopping

Product feeds are history. Many shops update their product feed only once per day. As a result price and inventory changes are not up-to-date. The new Google content API for shopping is the answer. You don’t need to generate feeds anymore. AdCurve replaces your merchant feeds and updates Google and all other channels directly on every update. AdCurve makes your ads more accurate and better visible. Moreover, you can easily add the google product category to your products.

Data driven tips

AdCurve automatically generates tips for profit maximization, like content and bidding tips. That makes campaigns management easy and more profitable.

Up-to-date content will increase your visibility and your conversion rate. The amount of orders from Google Shopping will increase while your costs decrease. AdCurve provides a better product content than any other tool, allowing you to add the Google category, gender and age group. You can also define content rules to extend the product title with the brand, size and color.

AdCurve calculates the ROI (Return on Investment) of every single ad on every channel. AdCurve analytics uses an algorithm to measure the value of every assist. AdCurve also calculates the actual profit based on the margin of the products sold. AdCurve attributes the order margin to the assists based on the contributed value. AdCurve collects by API the actual cost per ad to calculate the actual profitability of each ad.
With AdCurve, you can easily set your CPC bids to maximize profit. AdCurve allows you to categorize your product ads by bidding groups. This bidding group is added to the feed as a custom label. You only need to set the max CPC per bidding group. AdCurve provides actionable tips in case product ads should move to another bidding group. With a single click, you can confirm the tip and AdCurve will do the rest.
AdCurve provides an easy to install Magento extension. This extension is fully API based to avoid feed generation with Magento. With this extension, your product data always in sync with AdCurve. AdCurve generates feeds multiple times per day without affecting your Magento shop.

Try AdCurve 30 days FREE

Every new customer gets a FREE 30 day trial of AdCurve, which can be cancelled at any time. If you confirm the subscription within the trial period, the service will continue. In the event that you do cancel, you’ll only pay the prorated amount based on your days of usage, after the trial is over. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain– so try AdCurve for your marketing needs today!

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Google Analytics is suitable for discovering trends, AdCurve will give you insight into your actual sales figures at product level.
Remy da Thesta, Kijkshop
AdCurve provides Hunkemöller with complete, correct insights into the performance of all our European online marketing campaigns. They give us the tips we need to get the most out of our campaigns.
Linda Schaake, Hunkemöller
With AdCurve our campaigns have become much more profitable. We have the exact insight into the performance of the different online campaigns. Using these statistics, we can make a better decision which online campaigns we need to invest in for an even better result.
Rob Verheij, Alternate