AdCurve Early Beta User Program

The AdCurve Early Beta Users (EBU) program is available for the first 25 webshops in every new market. Every market has local channels and publishers which often require individual testing and configuration. AdCurve requires test-shops actively advertising and selling in that market to test and provide feedback in order to adapt our technology to the local market.

The EBU program is offered as a partnership between AdCurve and the user, where AdCurve provides free access to a fully-featured online marketing solution, in exchange for feedback on your experiences and results.

Requirements to apply for the EBU program:

  • The applicant should operate retail webshop advertising primarily to the U.S. market
  • The applicant should operate a Shopify webshop in with at least USD 20,000  revenue per month
  • The applicant should spend at least USD 1,000 per month on online advertisements

If accepted, an Early Beta User can expect:

  • The EBU can expect a reliable, fully featured solution to manage and optimize all online advertising campaigns
  • The EBU will have access to all available AdCurve features and channels free for 12 months from the registration date
  • The EBU will have full access to support from the AdCurve team

What AdCurve expects from accepted Early Beta Users:

  • The EBU should install Adcurve before April 1st 2017
  • If requested, the EBU should provide some general information about their shop, such as the shop-front URL, average monthly revenue, approximate number of products in catalogue, list of main channels, publishers or resellers.
  • The EBU should endeavour to actively make use of AdCurve’s optimization features for their online advertising campaigns
  • The EBU should provide AdCurve with feedback about their experiences and results using AdCurve’s features
  • The EBU should not post any public posts, comments or feedback that reflect negatively about AdCurve without discussing the content with AdCurve first

Additional Conditions of the Early Beta User license:

  • The EBU license is applicable for one shop domain per account only.
  • The number of EBU licenses available are limited. AdCurve will confirm your EBU licence within two weeks of your application.

AdCurve reserves the right to block access to the product only if the above expectations are not met, and only after giving 30 days notice of the discontinuation of service.