The ultimate shop connector

  • Promote your services

  • Receive Perfect Feeds

  • Have Insights in the performance of your shops

  • Save time & issues

Easy onboarding

Connecting a merchant with AdCurve is easy. Just ask shops to install AdCurve for their platform and you will receive a perfect feed in a few minutes! AdCurve will also implement your tracking tags and connect customers to your API.
  • AdCurve provides all available product content
  • All shops feeds are in your specified format (XSD approved)
  • Shops can easily map their products to your categories
  • AdCurve supports real-time product updates
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Unique insights in your performance

Your added value is at least 30% higher than retailers currently perceive. Retailers judge the publishers’ performance on their (Google) Analytics. AdCurve will proof your real added value to the retailers, because:

  • AdCurve tracks assists / Analytics systems track on last click
  • AdCurve tracks cross-device
  • AdCurve tracks per ad / Analytics systems track per session

AdCurve provide shops with insights in your actual contribution.

More about insights

Promote your Ad services

AdCurve is great to promote your Ad services among webshops. Over 500 shops are currently using AdCurve and they all use the AppStore to connect new publishers. AdCurve generates tips about new listed publishers. A listing in the ApStore of AdCurve provides new customers easily.

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Your Partner privileges

The benefit of being a premium partner of AdCurve are:

  • Easy on-boarding for new customers (including tags)
  • Better feeds and content for better results
  • Get new customers effortless
  • Great insights in the performance of your shop

Partners can offer Adcurve free to their webshops. The partners take the charges for use on their behalf.

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Prices of Adcurve

We charge publishers per shop per month:

  • for small shops (upto 100assisted orders per month) € 19,50
  • for medium shops (upto 500assisted orders per month) € 59,50
  • for large shops (upto 1000 assisted orders per month) € 99,50

Discounts upto 50% apply for volumes.

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