How to add the google taxonomy

How to add the google taxonomy

Google Shopping and Facebook shopping both require a product feed that includes the Google taxonomy, or Google Product Category. Feeds with the Google taxonomy have a higher relevance and a better ranking. However most shops don’t have that product category available.

Many feed management tools allow you to map your categories to Google’s categories. That requires a rule to be set up for every category and works only if your category structure is close to the taxonomy that Google uses. Most shops have a totally different category structure that can make this process difficult.

For several years we’ve been working on ways to make this manual mapping process more intuitive and painless, however we realized that we were approaching the problem from the wrong angle, and that machine learning could provide new opportunities and a better solution.

AdCurve is excited to introduces the auto-mapper. A new feature that will ensure that your products automatically mapped to the correct category for Google Shopping or Facebook shopping, or any other marketing channel.

How does auto-mapping work?

The auto-mapper scans your shop products using a machine-learning algorithm to find the Google or Facebook product category that will be the best match for each product.

The automapper generates mapping suggestions (mapping tips) that allow you to check or adjust the results. You can also accept all the mapping suggestions so that all your products are always automatically mapped.

Our auto-mapper not only saves a lot of time and tedious work, but the products are more accurately mapped than category based mapping methods. The end result is improved relevancy and quality scores for all products.

Want to give our new auto-mapper a try? You can give it a test-drive using AdCurve’s free 30 day trial.