Maximise your ROI on Adwords

So your goal is to maximise your profit on Adwords. But how do you do that exactly? How much revenue does an AdWords ad generate and what does it really cost? What bid do you need to set to ensure maximum profit?

AdCurve provides insight into the ROI of AdWords

AdCurve provides insight into the ROI of each ad. This is harder than it seems:

  • What exactly is the margin of a particular order?
  • What is the contribution of an ad when multiple channels are involved in an order?
  • What exactly are the costs per product ad?

AdCurve uses the “floor price” from the feed to determine the margin of each order. Also if that order contains several products.

The revenue of an ad is the number of times an ad has been involved in an order, times the contribution of that ad, times the order margin.

The revenue should of course exceed the costs of the advertisement. AdCurve retrieves the cost of Adwords and determines the ROI of each product ad. Products with a negative ROI are deactivated immediately.

Always set the optimal bid!

Utilise AdCurve together with the AdWords bidding strategies to achieve the best results. Google bids are based on a number of variables, like time, browser and chances of conversion. Google knows this purpose more than any other auction system whatsoever. Google just does not know which products have been sold and the contribution of other ads involved. AdCurve holds all this information!

AdCurve can feed the actual conversion value to AdWords. Thus Google can optimise its bids based on the ROI. By setting a ROAS bidding strategy of 100%, every ad will always generate a positive return.

Want to test it out?

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