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Product feeds are History !

More and more ad channels such as Google Shopping and Amazon are pushing content APIs. That’s good news because feeds are always out-dated and produce an overdose of data traffic.  A content API provides real-time data synchronisation to increase visibility and accuracy.

Feeds are not sustainable

Generating products feeds takes time and during generation the webshop will run slower. Because of this, many shops generate feeds only a few times a day. Feed generation tools are used to create feeds for each ad channels. Those channels pick up the feed several times a day but the processing can then still take some time. As a result product content changes could be delayed for 30 hours!
Every order results in stock changes. New product and price changes require updates as well. With product feeds you might advertise with incorrect prices and products that are no longer in stock, which results in complaints, dissatisfied customers and unnecessary costs.
In this picture you can see see the process of feed generation. Webshops often generate feeds at night to avoid performance issue during day time. Feed generation tools are collecting the shop feed later and require time to generate the feeds for every channel. Channels are often collecting feeds before they have been generated. As a result product updates about prices are delayed for more than a day.
A content API updates ad channels immediately on every change. As a result, prices and stock information on your ad channels are always up-to-date. An API will increase your visibility and keep costs under control.

Real-time content distribution is the standard

Many web stores are replacing their feeds for a future proof API connection to increase their visibility and to reduce costs. E-commerce platforms (such as Magento and Shopify) do not need performance consuming extensions for feed generation anymore. Many channels like Amazon and Google are switching to faster and more accurate content APIs to improve customer satisfaction. Up-to-date prices and stock information do increase the conversion rate and the customer satisfaction while reducing your costs. Web shops with an API also have the agility to adapt faster to market changes. Webshops with content APIs are more competitive.

AdCurve is the pioneer of the new standard

AdCurve is fully API driven. AdCurve connects quickly to your webshop and distributes every change directly to you ad channels like Google or Amazon. For channels that do not yet support API, AdCurve can generate XML or CSV feeds “on-demand”. The feeds are generated at the moment the channel retrieves the feed. On-demand feeds are far more up-to-date than pre-generated feeds. Read more here about feed & content distribution with AdCurve.

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