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Product feeds are History !

More and more ad channels such as Google Shopping and Amazon are pushing content APIs. That's good news because feeds are always out-dated and produce an overdose of data traffic.  A content API provides real-time data [...]

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How retailers maximise profits

A winning digital marketing strategy is vital for growth in today's fiercely competitive market. How do you ensure a positive return on your marketing investments, while not missing out on any opportunities for additional profit [...]

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AdCurve for Tweakers

AdCurve has implemented an API to import the costs of every product ad on Tweakers. Therefor we can determine the actual ROI of every ad on Tweakers. Based on this ROI AdCurve provides actionable tips [...]

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Maximise your ROI on Adwords

So your goal is to maximise your profit on Adwords. But how do you do that exactly? How much revenue does an AdWords ad generate and what does it really cost? What bid do you [...]

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Kieskeurig cost API live recently introduced its costs API that enables webshops to import the costs for their campaigns. AdCurve is the first campaign optimisation platform to use this API. We determine the actual ROI of every ad [...]

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