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What is the actual contribution of your Ads?

John Wanamaker once said that he knew half of his advertising was wasted; he just didn’t know which half. Insight into the contribution of each ad enables you to maximise your profit, allowing you to clearly pinpoint your “wasted half”.

Your sales are the result of many touch points both on and off-line and every touch point contributes to these sales.

Traditional analytics systems attribute sales to the last touch point, thereby ignoring the contribution of all other touch points.

Insights in the Customer Journey

AdCurve provides insight into the actual contribution of each and every touch point with its patented Attribution Algorithm. Discover the most profitable touch-points in the customer journey.


AdCurve attributes the revenue and the margin to all the touchpoints based of the actual contribution to the sales. 

Download the Attribution White Paper

Find out how you can identify which advertising channels are really driving your sales and profit. Download our white paper below.

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