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your digital marketing channels.

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Quickly connect your webshop and distribute your products easily to 1800 channels. Update product changes immediately and collect the actual costs per ad


Get insights in the customer journey. Attribute your revenue based on the actual contribution and have insight in the profitability of every ad on every channel.


Automize your bids google and all other campaigns. Have actionable, ROI-driven tips to optimize your campaigns.

Ready. Steady. Fly.

You deserve total control of your digital strategy. Meet your intuitive ally in targeted advertising, skyrocketing sales and data-backed profit.

Product Analytics

Have insight in your profit drivers and the actual ROI of every ad.

Sell on Marketplaces

Sell your products on marketplaces and inject orders directly in your webshop.

Distribute your

product ads

Distribute & synchronise your product data with your publishers.

Automate your bids

Create automated rules to set the perfect ppc bids for your product ads.

Cutting edge attribution

Have insight in the customer journey and the actual attribution of every touch-point.

Conditional Tag Management

Activate third party tags safely and conditionally to boost your profit.

Available for all major webshop platforms


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Customized installation available for stand-alone webshops

You wouldn’t burn half your money.

And yet, 50% of your advertising budget gets wasted.
Some might say that “you need to lose some, to win some”.
We say that you can have it all, without losing anything.
We developed a high-end marketing solution for growing businesses.
Because we believe growth should be affordable.
As we believe that all your ads should be profitable.

And this is our promise:

Total control of your advertising costs. Full transparency. Clear profit.

Harness the power of big-data-driven growth.

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Your award winning, patented partner in digital marketing

AdCurve is an established European leader in digital marketing technology.

Our patented algorithm and cross-device tracking drives unique real-time conversion attribution to determine the contribution of multiple touch-points to an order.

At the E-commerce Awards 2011 our innovative technology and contribution to the European E-Commerce industry were recognized with the top award for E-Commerce, as well as winning the Digital Marketing category.