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Connect to your favorite marketing channels to distribute your ads and to fetch the costs


Get insights in your customer journeys, and know the true value of every touch-point.


Our experts use the most sophisticated tools to ensure that you get the most out of your ads.

Use the best technology and experts to boost your profits

We automate your digital marketing to save time and boost your profits

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Your products are

in sync on all channels

Our platform collects, enriches and synchronizes your product data with your publishers.

We connect & configure

your channels

We connect and configure your channels to improve visibility, collect costs & set your cpc bids.

Unrivalled insights

Get insights in the real profit, the customer journey and return on investment for every product ad.

Smart bidding strategies

We’ll take your campaign to the next level with a dynamic bidding strategy.

Don’t worry about the technology

We use the most sophisticated technologies to attribute your margin to all assists cross device

We are humans too!

We love to hear from you, we are retailers too. You can always chat with us and share your thoughts.

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Your award winning, patented partner in digital marketing

AdCurve is an established European leader in digital marketing technology.

Our patented algorithm and cross-device tracking drives unique real-time conversion attribution to determine the contribution of multiple touch-points to an order.

At the E-commerce Awards 2011 our innovative technology and contribution to the European E-Commerce industry were recognized with the top award for E-Commerce, as well as winning the Digital Marketing category.