All you need from a digital advertising guardian


Get your products on more than 1800 channels, marketplaces, comparison engines, retargeting and affiliate networks, with perfect, seamless and ultra fast feeds.


Get insights in the actual costs per ad, the margin per product and per order and the full customer journey to make all your ads profitable.


Get automatically generated actionable, ROI-driven tips to deactivate ads that drain your profit. Adjust your bids to boost your visibility and optimize your campaigns for data-driven growth.


Dominate the digital landscape with the power of synchronicity.

Your products, anywhere

With a selection of more than 300 channels, you only need to choose the channels you’d like to advertise on. Get connected, post your ads and see the sales coming in – it only takes a few clicks.

Unrivalled data feeds

Stay ahead of the competition with automatically updated product data feeds across all channels. Experience the security of being in full compliance with each channel’s regulations and having your products seen by your target audience, always.

Prices, Orders & Stock in sync. Always.

Enjoy more customer loyalty and cost control by only advertising what’s in stock. Let AdCurve forward all orders into your webshop’s backend and sync them with your stock levels, clash-free and seamlessly.

Conditional Tag Management

Ecommerce moves at the speed of light. Your products need to go live instantly and fully comply with each channel’s requirements. Let AdCurve’s reliable Tag Manager and Product Mapping get your campaigns flying smoothly in the blink of an eye.


Finally, insights in the true profitability of every ad

The clearest customer journey picture

Imagine only investing exactly where your customers are about to make a purchase decision. Now you can target like never before, with AdCurve’s detailed presentation of customer journeys across all devices and channels.

Track your profit

The key to success is know the exact return on your investment. Narrow-sighted models belong to the past. The exact ROI of every ad gives you a detailed view of your online performance, and the base of a winning strategy.

Crystal-clear metrics

Find out the exact profit you make from every ad and product, without the hassle of swimming through data. AdCurve determines the exact cost and margin of every ad, and based on the customer journey reveals your most precise report to date.

Your campaign microscope

Track every individual ad’s performance to a tee. Assisted Orders reveal the exact contribution of each channel to a purchase. This way you can be sure that you don’t skip vital contributors just because they don’t happen to be at the start or end of the customer journey.


Maximize the return on your ad spend.

Data-driven ally

Find out the exact actions needed to make every single ad you have out there profitable. Automated, actionable tips from the analysis of complex data reveal the tweaks that stop you from losing money on underperforming ads.

On top of it

Total control means neat, centralised management. Direct all campaigns and sales, track their performance and realign your actions with AdCurve’s actionable dashboard.

Targeted, individual bidding

Not all your product ads perform equally. Gather them in groups and adjust the biddings to gain more visibility, while you’re in total control of the costs. Tailor-made bidding for unique webshops, total control for winning retailers.

Award-winning precision

Discover your campaigns’ most profitable touch-points at a glance, with AdCurve’s patented attribution model. Get the clearest picture of which channels work best together to your benefit, and invest only where you’re sure to be making profit.

Harness the power of big-data-driven growth.

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