The Ultimate Tool

To increase your return on ad spend


Easy Advertising on Google, Bing, Marketplaces, Comparison Shopping, Display and Affiliate Networks  with perfect cost & content APIs and ultra fast product feeds.


Get insights in the actual costs per ad, the margin per product and per order and the full customer journey to make all your ads profitable.


Get actionable, data-driven tips to optimize your content and bids and to boost your profit on every channel.


Dominate the market with superior content and maximum visibility.

Amazing AppStore

Easy wizard to connect your favorite channels

Choose the channels you’d like to advertise on, publish your content and collect the costs in only a few clicks.

Unrivalled product feeds and APIs

More conversions at a lower cost

Stay ahead of the competition with updated and fully compliant product content across all channels. Easily enrich your content with the publisher category, gender or age group to increase your visibility.

Sell on Marketplaces

Prices, Orders and Stock in sync. Always.

Sell your profitable products easily on your favorite marketplaces. Select only the products you want to sell where you know you’ll make a profit, and we’ll do the rest. AdCurve forwards all orders directly into your webshop’s backend, clash-free and seamlessly.

Conditional Tag Management

Safely activate 3rd party tags without the hassle

Tag Management couldn’t be easier. All the tags & pixels of your channels installed automatically in the blink of an eye. We ensure that your customer’s data is always safe.


Finally, insights in the true profitability of every ad

The customer journey

Know exactly which channels are working

Imagine only investing exactly where your customers are about to make a purchase decision. Now you can target like never before, with AdCurve’s detailed presentation of customer journeys across all devices and channels.

Product Analytics

The true profitability of every ad

The key to success is know the exact return on your investment. Narrow-sighted models belong to the past. The exact ROI of every ad gives you a detailed view of your online performance, and the base of a winning strategy.

Value Based Attribution

Reward channels based on their actual contribution

Discover the most profitable touch-points in the customer journey. AdCurve attributes the revenue and the margin to all the touchpoints based of the actual contribution to the sales. AdCurve collects the actual costs from your channel to calculate the profitability of every ad.


Maximize the return on your ad spend.

Management Dashboard

See your profit increase

Have insight in the most business critical KPIs like revenue and profit growth. Discover the impact of your decisions quickly.

Data-driven Tips

Increase your profit with a single click

Analytics is history! AdCurve does the job of the most experienced big data analysts, more often and much faster.  The tips you get could be executed with a single click. 

Bid Management

Perfectly optimized cpc bids

Not all your product ads perform equally. Automatically create data-driven bidding groups to maximize the profitability of every product ad. 

Statistical Rules

Change the status of your ads automatically based on statistical data

Discover your most profitable products, brands or categories. Make rules to change the bids or the status of your ads automatically based on statistical data. 

Harness the power of Big Data.

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