Google and Bing Shopping

Enrich Product Content

Top quality ads to boost your traffic

Quickly connect your shop to the world's biggest shopping comparison engines with powerful content enrichment to boost your visibility.

Unrivalled Insights

Discover your profit drivers

Get insights into the true profit of every ad. Our detailed dashboard will reveal exactly which ads truly add value.

Dynamic bidding

Optimised bids, Always

Take your shopping campaign to the next level with dynamic bidding strategy that can be entirely automated.

Google Ads and Bing Ads

Advanced analytics for Adwords

Discover the value in your campaigns

Progressive tag management and tracking solutions mean your conversion pixel data can be put to work calculating the real Return on Ad-spend at actual profit for every ad.

The clearest customer journey picture

Your campaign microscope

Discover your campaigns' most profitable touch-points at a glance, with AdCurve's patented contribution model. Get the clearest view of how your text ads fit into the bigger picture and invest only where you’re sure to be making profit.

Affiliate Management

Unique insights per affiliate

Discover the true added value of each affiliate

Get insights into what each affiliate is contributing to your shop, including the effective cost per click, last click attribution and the role that the affiliate plays in your customer journey.

Conversion Attribution

Reward the best, not the last

AdCurve's advanced attribution algorithm rewards affiliates based on their added value. Low-value affiliates will withdraw while high-value affiliates will continue to contribute to your growth. Eliminate duplicate commissions and manage your costs for consistently performing campaigns.

Conditional Tag Management

Full tag control

AdCurve's advanced marketing pixel container means you can focus on selling while we handle the technical stuff. Customised conversion pixels and conditional firing give you full control of the flow of data.

Display and Remarketing

Smart feeds and tags

Easy implementation

You set up an account and choose the channels, we'll do the rest – distribute your product ads, install the tags and create a unique dashboard to track the results from your campaigns on Facebook, Criteo, Google and many other display and retargeting networks.

Independent performance analysis

Insights in the true performance of your ads

AdCurve's sophisticated attribution algorithm rewards affiliates based on their added value. The low-value affiliates will leave while the high-value affiliates make you grow. Remove duplication commissions and control your marketing costs for campaigns that are always performing.

CPC bid optimisation

Maximise your profit

Better data means that you can be the expert and set the right bid to leverage the true power of retargeting and generate more conversions and profit for your shop.

Comparison Shopping Engines

Easy feed and tag implementation

Comparison Shopping kickstart

You set up an account, we will do the rest – distribute your product ads, install the tags and create a unique dashboard to track the results from your campaigns on Shopzilla, Idealo, and many other comparison shopping engines worldwide.

Stop wasting money on bouncing clicks

Deactivate poor performers

There will always be products that generate a lot of clicks and costs but bring in no revenue. Our actionable tips and product insights put you in the driver's seat so that you can reinvest your ad-spend in products with a guaranteed profit.

Insights in the profit per product

See what your profit drivers are

Find out exactly which product ads are driving sales and profit with our weekly reports on performance for individual products, categories and brands.

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